You do not need to invest in Scarifier Rake expensive top of the range tools, basic ones will do the job. Check out local flea markets or yard sales, these are great places to find basic tools.

For a successful garden, you need to make sure the location is perfect. Your plants need at least 6 hours of daily sunlight.

Do not plant your seeds in shadowy areas such as behind high bushes or fences, next to buildings etc.

You should also make sure that the area is low lying so there will be good drainage.

Do not start a garden that is too large, start small. I always recommend starting 10-12 square feet vegetable patches.

Start with 2 of them and then you can add more or add larger ones when your experience grows.

Once you have chosen your seeds you need to prepare your soil. A healthy vegetable garden will need a healthy soil.

You can purchase bagged soil but this can work out quite expensive so mixing your own may be a more cost effective alternative, especially when you are learning.

You can add compost, leaves, manures or peat moss to the soil.

The argument is as old as the hills, many men seem to think domestic chores are just that, whereas as many women see them as a necessary part of building a loving home. That's where the trouble often  Plant Bag starts.