Watering Can  meets a farmer with a passion for desert beauties Eremophilas are an extremely diverse group of plants, with the form of various species ranging from ground covers to shrubs, to small trees and they can be found growing in the toughest of conditions.

Their name is from the Greek 'eremos' meaning desert and 'philio' - love.

Josh went to visit passionate eremophila planter Ron Dadd in wheat belt country - Goomalling, an hour and a half north-east of Perth.He's dedicated two hectares of his property to hundreds of the plants - 390 species and hybrids.

 Altogether, he's cultivated more than 600 different variants from all over the country.

"There are certain ones that I've just gone in awe of because of their brightness, the size, the way they stand out in such an arid climate where I went out and saw them.

You just see this bush absolutely covered with flowers and it's just spectacular," said Ron.How passionate is Ron about his eremophilas?

 Well, he travelled 3000 kilometres to get one cutting - which lasted six months and then died. So he went back and got another one!They're tough plants.

Ron's collection has survived on only 18 millimetres of rain over the last six months, yet he says they'll bounce back after better Chain Saw falls.