A Striking Tools vigorously growing lawn is less likely to be colonized by weeds and mosses. Keep the grasses growing strongly by ensuring it receives plenty of water in long, dry spells?

Apply a high nitrogen lawn feed once a year in spring and use a slow release formulation feed throughout the growing season.

If you also have a problem with moss or weeds use a combined lawn weed and feed, or lawn weed, feed and moss killer.

Where there is no obvious sign of moss but the lawn still feels spongy when you walk on it, the problem is likely to be the build up of dead grass stems at the base of the lawn, known as thatch.

When the thatch gets more than half inch thick it starts to suffocate the lawn and must be removed, a technique known as scarifying.

Use a spring tine or wire lawn rake and vigorously rake out the thatch.

For more serious farm work, the chisel plow/scarifier is useful in two applications; as a scarifier for loosening material, and as a chisel plow to clear roots, sod and debris in preparation for food plots. The hardened steel plow teeth loosens hard pack and the adjustable blade height allows clearance of high ground during transportation.

It uses 6 1/2'" HEAVY DUTY plow teeth and also requires the 3 point hitch and 60" accessory tool bar.

One of Kolpin's most popular implements is their cultivator set for initial preparation of hard packed Insect Killer Lamp soil.