This garden Scarifier Rake tool offers plenty of uses including agitating the surface of the soil which surround plants and removing weeds.

Pitchforks have a long handle and long and thin pointed tines pr prongs which are widely spaced apart.

They are used in lifting and throwing loose materials such as leaves and other agricultural materials.

Secateurs are pruning shears which are used for pruning hard and thick branches of shrubs and trees.

There are three types of blade designs of secateurs: bypass, anvil and parrot-beak.

The first type, the anvil secateur, has a single blade that closes onto a flat surface and are useful for cutting up to two-centimetre thick branches.

Bypass secateurs work just like a pair of scissors.

They have two blades that pass each other, with at least one of them curved.

Parrot-beak secateurs have two curved passing blades, trapping the stem or branch between them, making it easier to cut.

Parrot-beak secateurs are often used for narrower Garden Cutting Tools stems.