Think of Garden Watering Tools small spaces like garden sheds, coal stores, bin stores, compost boxes, and small areas by the back gate and you will quickly realise that bulkhead lights really do have a place in your garden lighting arsenal.

 You might be surprised to discover that the traditional bulkhead light design, the circle with crossbars, has been declared a design icon!

Because of this ability to slip into small, confined spaces, bulkhead lights make a superb addition to your home security lighting; for instance, fix a bulkhead light to the outside of your garden shed, add a PIR sensor and you will never approach the shed in darkness again (unless you want to, of course; least said, soonest mended!).

 The possibilities are endless, and because they can be mounted on outside walls, ceilings or posts, they're versatile too.

Illuminate your bin store or compost boxes to make sure you put the right waste in the correct bin, keeping your local council and your vegetables Garden Shears.