They can also be used to Watering Can pesky weeds and unwanted plants. The pointed corners can also be used as a light duty pick. Pruning shear

Your pruning shears will see a lot of action in the garden. They are used for trimming branches, overgrowth grass and foliage.

It is important to buy a pruning shears, which fits your hand well and is easy to operate. There are different types of shears for different functions.

For example, do not use a hedge shears for cutting big branches, they are for detailed shaping of hedges only.

Finally, do not overlook the importance of proper attire.

You will need good work gloves to protect your hands and kneepads to make kneeling more comfortable.

Protect your eyes with a pair of safety glasses or face shield when using your string trimmer or pressure washer or when working with any power tools.

Bacho products are the highest-quality, safest, and most skillfully designed garden tools on the market.

Every product in their line is updated at least once a year to keep it on the cutting edge of  Garden Shears technology.