The Garden Tools  at the Patch has also put on a lot of lateral growth. At the base there are three to four unwanted shoots.

 The plant puts a lot of energy into these shoots and Tino pulls them out to re-direct the energy back into the central stem.

Tino says, "You will get fewer cobs, but the ones that do form will be bigger and juicier."

Stripping the laterals from the corn also opens up the bed and allows more sun and air to circulate.

This will encourage healthy growth.Watch the story If further information is required, please contact your local nursery or garden centre.

Up here, we have 2 seasons - the Wet and the Dry. In the Dry Season, we get hardly any rain at all.

 Grevillea dryandra is wonderful for attracting birds into your garden.

It only grows to about 2 metres tall and you can keep it more compact by cutting back the flowering stalks after each time they flower.This prostrate grevillea is another local native.

It's Grevillea formosa and it's good in rockeries and as a ground cover and these flowers are full of nectar, so it's another great favourite with the birds.

Both of these grevilleas are fast growing, but short lived - just a couple of years  Garden Shredder normally.