The Flower Pot Stand impact on water conservation is impressive, but then so is the impact on the monthly water bill.

The same can be said for the newest innovation in urinals, which are now completely waterless, thanks to drain cleaning by cartridges that flush out waste liquids and traps resident odors.

In a world where communicable diseases are becoming increasingly difficult to deal with, the best boon of all has been the sensor operated faucets, that not only save water by dispensing only when triggered, they also reduce the spread of germs by not requiring a human touch to operate.

Going green is not only the popular thing to do; it is also the most intelligent thing to do today.

One of the most popular surfing destinations is Newquay and many people pop to its shores to sunbathe on its beaches or take a splash in its large waves.

Surfing events take place there every year, attracting water sports enthusiasts from all over the country to participate in Plastic Watering Can  competitions.