Spray Gun  what is particularly beautiful about them is that even when their petals have dropped, their central disc remains and is a beautiful feature through winter.

And sedum - a succulent plant which has ruby flowers in summer, but once they bronze off over winter, leave them on the plant and they turn a lovely rusty colour.

Don’t remove these until the end of winter or early spring to encourage new growth.

When adding plants to a border, position them in their pots first, to make sure the arrangement works.

 When you are ready to plant, improve the soil in each hole  just add some compost  that gets plants off to a good start.

Another design trick when using coloured foliage plants like dahlias is to plant them at the back.

If you add purple foliage into a garden bed, especially at the rear, it gives the border the impression of having greater depth.

And remember to plant in groups of threes and fives, because this gives a really naturalistic look.

By gradually reworking some tired areas of the garden, you can extend seasonal interest without too much work and  Garden Shears expense.