Watering Can reckons within four to six weeks they'll be up and flowering.It's the distinctive, but diverse flowers of the eremophila that are the real show-stoppers.

 Some are insect pollinated and others are pollinated by birds. It's apparent by the colour and shape of the flower.

"The flat, purple or violet ones tend to be insect pollinated. Some flowers have little tracks on the inside which are like landing strips for the insects."

"The tubular flowers are more often bird-pollinated - their beaks delve into the long tubes for the nectar at the bottom.

The pollen ends up on their heads and they move on to the next flower. Some use both insects and birds as pollinators," Ron explained.

Josh got Ron to name the species as they walked through his garden.

However, Ron's still not satisfied: "I've still got 11 named species that I haven't got yet - some I don't know whether I'll be able to get because they haven't been seen for 100 years and haven't been collected again.

Others are from eastern states - and one in particular - is a declared weed in WA.

 So I might never complete my collection."Information contained in this fact sheet is a summary of material included in the Chain Saw program.