Secure your Garden Tools  and use a file to sharpen the angle, where the tool was previously sharpened.

Push the file in one direction until the entire edge is shiny. Protect the sharpened edge against corrosion by applying a small amount of grease.

For smaller tools like pruning shears or loppers, use a small diamond stone for sharpening.

The diamond stone can be used like a file. Secure the blade of your tool and file down the previously sharpened edge.

Then switch to your fine side and sharpen using the same angle. Your edge is now ready for use.

If you feel the edge starting to get dull again, you can skip the coarse grit and just use a few strokes with the fine stone to keep your tool in good shape.

Although gardens occasionally experience waves of seasonal pests, most common pests and diseases originate from within our gardens, and damage can be minimised if we understand the basics of their biology and the local ecology.

Within our fences there is usually a stable ecosystem in which plants, animals and pathogens coexist in a state of balance.

As gardeners, we manipulate this ecosystem by supplying water and nutrients but, most of the time, our garden needs little looking  Garden Shredder after.