Scarifier Rake would require a lot of help, a couple of eager volunteers, gardening tools and equipment, and a knowledgeable adviser.

The latter should be able to make the teacher and the students understand that setting up a school garden isn't always about dirty vegetables and lessons in the rain.

To teach young school kids how to love gardening is to keep them interested. One can start off by making younger kids learn about the life cycles of plants by observing at seeds in different fruits.

On the other hand, primary school children can comprehend plant reproduction better if they are taught how to sow seeds.

Secondary students need more complex ideas like the absorption of radiated heat in soil by sowing potatoes in winter for early harvesting.

Once these kids are interested, motivation is the next step. Everybody knows that plants don't grow overnight. How do you keep them motivated?

The answer could be a vegetable gardening competition where each level or section vies for either the most produce or the biggest.

Cooking clubs and plant sale in early spring are also viable options.

Every step taken towards the realization of school gardens Garden Label count a lot.