One of the favorite Garden Hand Tools types of greenhouse is the lean-to, because it's relatively easy and affordable to build and maintain.

A lean-to is constructed against one wall of an existing building. That saves money in the construction, and possibly the heating.

Well, if you build a lean-to greenhouse against your house, maybe where a large window or a glass patio door is currently, then the heat from the house can add warmth to the greenhouse, and on really sunny days, the heat from the greenhouse can actually add warmth to your house.

A further advantage of a lean-to style greenhouse is that you may be able to extend the plumbing and electrical service of the existing structure into the lean-to.

That saves both money and time. It's also a space-saving solution for smaller garden areas.

Freestanding greenhouses are positioned away from other structures in order to maximize the light from all sides.

All greenhouses are solar heated to some extent. The naturally solar greenhouse traps the suns rays during the day, usually allowing enough heat to keep the plants happy and Hedge Shears healthy.