It Scarifier Rake can cultivate a field faster than a horse, cow or even a buffalo. It is faster, stronger and better than the basic and primitive instruments that the previous generations of farmers have used.

Technology made the tractor as the primary farming tool today. They made it the standard of farming. Anyone knows that without a tractor, a farm would be useless.

It would only spell impending doom on its owner. It is a must, a necessity to own a tractor for the development, the betterment and survival of a farm.

Farm sheds are very useful in the farming industry, which requires the use of a multitude of equipment and tools.

Sheds are typically single-storey structures that are installed in a back garden, to be used for storage, as a hobby room or work shop.

There are many types of sheds available in the market, ones that vary in their complexity as far as construction and size are concerned, from modest tin-roofed structures to large timber or steel-framed sheds with shingled roofs, windows and electrical Garden Label outlets.