For beginners, it is advised Garden Equipment Set that they start small when it comes to designing herb gardens to get a feel to what they are doing.

After that step, the gardener can then add more plants little by little or just leave the garden to that size.

Talking about designing herb gardens, one must consider and think in advance how it would look when all the herbs are fully grown.

Would you want it to be a square garden, a round garden or a rectangular garden?

For a boxed shape garden, you'll need a stake, string and/or yarn to make the outline of the box and for a rounded garden; you'll need a garden hose and thick cord.

When designing herb gardens, you need to put into mind a picture of what you want it to look like.

The most important thing when designing is to never forget the basics of gardening- sunlight, water and soil.

Be certain that the garden is well ventilated as they need good old sun to keep them alive.

For its water requirements, keep in mind it depends on the plant that you have- some needs less water and some needs more - so build soil and water specifications into your design.

It's a good idea to map your garden plan on paper first using graph paper and a Garden Log Splitter pencil.