If you're having a Garden Equipment Set ceremony of any kind, a large amount of folding seats can be set up in rows. The seats are usually able to be rented for the event.

They're either dropped off or picked up prior to the ceremony and then returned afterward.

If weather is a consideration, the rental company usually will have a canopy that can be rented also to keep the event sheltered from sun or rain.

Graphic updates and a mix of island inspired dashes that are polished and preppy is the new beach style theme and island style decoration.

If you want to have that unexpected liveliness to your outdoor space, you can look for Asian inspired prints that look like decorative painting from a distance.

Decorate with colours but never splurge on textiles with lush tropical foliage prints or the super bright coloured flowers if you want a space with a calming atmosphere.

It's the lazy environmental activist's dream: outdoor lounge furniture that works to clean up the oceans while you relax sipping your pina colada on the beach.

Too good to be true? Actually this is one of those rare times where you can have your cocktail and drink it Garden Log Splitter too.