If you Garden Equipment Set into your household water supply, use a pressure gauge to check water pressure.

If pressure exceeds 50 pounds per square inch, install a pressure-reducing fitting before attaching the feeder tube.

A filter should also be attached to the faucet before the feeder tube.

At garden bed location, begin installing drip emitters every 18". You can also purchase ?" PE tubing with emitters preinstalled

If you use this tubing, cut the feeder tube once it reaches the first bed, and attach the emitter tubing with a barbed coupling.

Route the tubing among the plants so that emitters are over the roots.

For trees and shrubs, make a branch loop around the tree. Pierce the feed tube near the free and insert a T-fitting.

Loop the branch around the tree and connect it to both outlets on the T-fitting. Use ?" tubing for small trees, ?" for larger specimens.

Use micro sprayers for hard-to-reach plants. Sprayers can be connected directly to the main feeder line or positioned on short branch Garden Log Splitter lines.