can say one Garden Accessoires thing for sure: Al Gore has become a very rich man because of his pet theory and his investments into companies peddling green technologies.

He travels around the world making speeches and giving lectures on his favorite subject for so much a pop.

The scientists that he quotes, those that support his theory, have fallen into disrepute since revelations have appeared, calling all those facts and figures false, and manufactured to fit the theory.

Made to order for the environmentalists to spread their false reasons to keep us from exploring for new sources of energy.

Did you know that in their efforts to save a little fish in northern California ( a three inch smelt that only lives for one year ) may cost billions of dollars in lost revenue.

Put tens of thousands of people out of work, and cut water to farms that produce tens of millions in crops.

The Natural Resources Defense Council is behind this lunatic idea pitting people against a little smelt fish that cannot be of use to anyone for any reason.

This kind of rationale is what is turning people against this mad desire to let us all die rather than disturb nature in Garden Cutting Tools .