Garden Accessoires requires tools, however, and these can be quite expensive if the would-be gardener is interested in purchasing the latest in cutting edge horticultural endeavor technology.

Many other people prefer the simpler tools of the trade and will make do with older style implements such as shovels and hoes instead of motorized equipment such as gas powered or electric tilling machines.

Over time tools become corroded, damaged, or simply loose their edge.

When this happens even electrically powered equipment can require repair or at the very least a bit of retooling.

The desire to throw away old gardening tools is something many people struggle with but there is no need in many circumstances.

The key is to take stock of your tools and determine what is wrong with each of them.

Taking stock of the repair needs of older equipment is very simple. Begin by segregating the gardening implements into different categories.

A few suggested categories are edged items with handle such as shovels, edged items with multiple handles such as hole diggers, blunt items such as hammers, motorized items such as electric tillers, items such as rakes that have tines instead of blades, and flexible items such as Garden Cutting Tools hoses.