Every Smart Terminal Box horticultural instinct tells you to plant it at the level it was in the tube, but we're not doing that.

Backfill the hole, tamping the soil down and adding a bit more water as you go.

Water the plant in to ensure really good contact between the soil and the stem, and then form a little dam wall around the plant so it catches any natural rainfall.

There are two basic horticultural rules that we appear to be breaking by planting like this.

The first is that such a tiny root ball on a big plant can never grow into a fully functional root system for a mature tree.

The second one is that by burying the stem so far under the soil, the plant will succumb to collar rot and be dead within weeks.

Angus finds a White Beech that is eighteen months old which was planted using the 'long-stem' technique and the plant is thriving.

A close look at a tree that was planted about a year earlier shows why this technique is so effective.

The real story with what is going on is under the soil.

Far from succumbing to collar rot, the whole buried stem on this long-stem planting has become part of the Garden Shoes and Grip  system.