Be Garden Equipment Set mindful of other lawn and garden animals that provide assistance with bug control such as birds and toads.

Maybe a pond garden or a bird house helps to invite animals that naturally help with pest control. The additional benefit is that birds are peaceful and entertaining to watch.

Identifying threats and developing a good treatment plan is key to combat lawn and garden pests.

If using chemicals always read labels and make sure they are safe.

Reading online product reviews from other homeowners is a good step in the right direction.

One of the best ways to learn is from experience and if others share their experience then learning can be rapid.

Chemicals such as insecticides or herbicides should not be used near water or sewers because once in the water stream those chemicals can travel.

It would be horrible to make a neighbors pet or the local chipmunks sick, Alvin, Theodore and Simon would hate that.

Also areas that are freshly sprayed should be avoided for a good period of time to let the chemicals Garden Log Splitter settle.