An easy and fun Garden Equipment Set way to compost for your garden or house plants, vermicomposting can be done both indoors or out, and requires very little space.

Red worms or red wiggler worms, which are different from earthworms, are the best worms to use for your composting process.

You want to stay away from using earthworms because they weren't made to be composting worms; red worms will take your food scraps, eat and digest them, making worm castings full of nutrients for your soil. Earthworms on the other hand, are burrowing worms; they'll aerate the soil and take everything on the surface down with it.

Therefore, they'll be absolutely useless for what you want to do, which is compost!

In order to have a successful vermicomposting experience, always remember to feed your worms! Worms need food too, and they love food scraps, another reason why vermicomposting is so easy.

Readily available, food scraps like wilted vegetables, fruit rinds, bread and coffee grounds are great sources of food for your worms.

Just be sure to never, ever add scraps like meats, fats, oils, or dairy products because the worms will not be able to eat and digest these items properly.

Additionally, they smell bad and attract rodents and other animals to your compost bin or Garden Log Splitter heap.