After Outdoor Beach Furniture pruning shrubs apply a slow release fertilizer on the ground during mid spring to give them a boost.

Protect up-and-coming shoots of defenseless plants, such as hostas, from the attention of slugs and snails.

Remove fading blooms from bulbs but leave the foliage intact for at least a further six weeks.

Remove weeds before they are able to flower and set seed. As soon as the weather warms up, turn the compost heap to ensure even composting.

Make sure all garden tools and machinery are in good working order before you will be using them in earnest.

Check that cutting tools are sharp and electrical equipment is safe, including cables and connectors.

Mid spring is an ideal instance to place in the ground all types of resilient plants, including deciduous and also evergreen trees, shrubs and also climbers and also hardy herbaceous plants.

Wait until late spring to plant conifers. When the grass is dry, give the lawn its first cut.

See the cutting height of the mower to one inch. After a few weeks, reduce the cutting height to two centimeter for most lawns, or to half inches for a fine finish.

Mid to late spring is an ideal time to create a new Garden Accessoires lawn.